Thursday 10 September 2015

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kitchen works at kochi

Nicesys is renowned throughout our country as the finest manufacturer of kitchen, bedrooms and each rooms is designed to an individuals requirements and specially build to order Nicesys cabinetry in the state throughout our spectacular showrooms India s first can look alike aluminium kitchen cabinets, furniture products manufactured by us, M/s Nicesys Aluminium Interiors Pvt. Ltd., our Regd. Office at: Satellite Point Industrial Estate, Pallikunnu,Wandoor PO, Malappuram Dt., Kerala , India-679 328 Features unmatched never before seen, Nicesys storage system made from poly propylene / electro colored aluminium in HINDAL with specific high degree of technology and wide range of high pressure decorative laminate finished components; it takes away the presence of wood in your kitchen. Exclusive kitchen kit comes to you from the house of Nicesys. A product of quality & comfort storage system for the long terms. We are the soul distributors of SLEEK & HINDWARE all over Kerala & Karnataka. We also have operations in wholesale aluminium & accessories distribution. Not surprising when you consider the fact that we have always got best product back up quality & after sales service from our branches throughout the state

Wednesday 9 September 2015

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